Hosea 4:4

Jonathan Bailey jonathan.bailey at gmx.de
Sun Nov 7 07:55:08 EST 1999

The second part of Hosea 4:4 in the body of the text reads:

ve-'amkha kimrivey khohen

But in the Apparatus we find:

ve-'imkha rivi kohen, or: ve-'imkha 'ani rav kohen

The older bibles I looked at (Luther 1912, KJV) follow the text reading, the newer ones 
I looked at (Elberfelder 1985, Luther 1984, RSV) follow the variant. What is the source 
of this variant? No manuscripts are cited in the apparatus. Where did the variant 
come from? What is the source of the shift in philosophy which caused the shift to 
the variant?

Jonathan Bailey
MA Kandidat
Hochschule für Jüdische Studien

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