Nor Is It Necessarily Not So

Dapila Fabian f.dapila at
Sat Nov 6 23:07:50 EST 1999

I think it will be helpful if somebody could forward to the list the
Herzog's essay as well.  It will allow for a fruitful and more objective
participation and discussion of the topic by all.  Otherwise, most of us
will only be able listen to the well-informed on the topic.

At 05:45 nm 1999/11/06 -0800, Ita Sheres wrote:
>I agree with Ian Hutchesson's comments on the Shanks piece.  I find it
>distressing that presumed scholars adopt the tactics and discourse of
>politics in order to score scholarly points that they cannot otherwise
>make.  I didn't read Herzog's essay (and I'd be interested in reading it)
>but Shanks' response was a real turn-off; it sounded alot like some cnn
>"crossfire" hosts who attack the personalities  of their opposition
>when they have nothing of substance to say.
>Ita Sheres.
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