Hebrew Word Processors

peter_kirk at sil.org peter_kirk at sil.org
Sat Nov 6 23:01:24 EST 1999

Sounds like you need Windows 2000, which will support Hebrew and 
German (not to mention Chinese and lots of other languages) all in one 

Nowadays it is not so much the word processors as the fonts which do 
or do not have cantillation marks etc. The SIL Hebrew fonts (free 
download from www.sil.org) include full cantillation and an input 
method for western (left to right only) versions of Word, and they 
should work with other word processors to some extent at least - you 
are likely to have problems especially with word wrapping. But they 
are not compatible with Israeli Windows. They may work with commercial 
right to left editors on western Windows, but no guarantees. You're 
welcome to try them and see.

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Hebrew Word Processors
Author:  <jonathan.bailey at gmx.de> at Internet
Date:    06/11/1999 04:33

Friend, we're not all millionaires. I am using German Windows 98, and I am not 
how Hebrew Word would work with that. Also, I need German spellcheckers. I prefe

the really international word processors, like Dagesh, QText, etc.

But while we are on the subject, I am looking for a WP that has the full range o

cantillation marks as well as nikud. So far, the only one I have found that does
Davkawriter, but it has no functions for German (it is only Hebrew/English). 
know how I can rectify this problem? Does Hebrew Word have the cantillation? Can

get German language modules for it?

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>QText is an outdated word processor. I suggest you get Hebrew Word for 
>Windows, which also does English. All the fonts you mention are 
>compatible with Hebrew Word.

>Jonathan D. Safren
>Dept. of Biblical Studies
>Beit Berl College
>44905 Beit Berl Post Office

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