Chapters & Verses

Ruthy & Baruch alster at
Sat Nov 6 14:54:55 EST 1999

John wrote:
> >A colleague of mine is looking for any historical information regarding
> >chapter and verse divisions in the Hebrew Bible.  Who did them, when and

> >why?
Jim wrote:
> Stephanus, 1551, so folk could more easily find what they were looking

Wasn't it Stephen Langdon?  And I thought it was before the first Miqra'ot

By the way, Menachem Ben Yashar wrote an article on this subject (in
Hebrew) in an issue of `iyune miqra uparshanut, Bar Ilan University's bible
periodical.  I don't remember what issue, but it shouldn't be too hard to
find - only four have been put out so far.

Baruch Alster
Kochav Ya'akov, Israel 

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