To Jack & Jim on Fonts

Jonathan Bailey jonathan.bailey at
Fri Nov 5 18:17:01 EST 1999

I have checked out both of your sites. I had already downloaded the Lachish font from 
Jack's site, but had problems with it. I am using QText 7, and when I configured the 
language to Hebrew and switched to Lachish font, I got nothing but boxes when I 
typed. In order to use the font, I had to switch over to English and type the script in 
backwards, with the keys configured to an American keyboard. I would like to be able 
to configure the program to Hebrew (right to left) and hit the mem key on my Israeli 
keyboard and actually get a mem. Jack says he has some of his fonts converted to 
Israeli specs? Which fonts are those? What exactly does that mean?

Are Jim's fonts good for Israeli word processors? If not all of them are, which ones are 


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