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Fri Nov 5 11:39:23 EST 1999

>I was wondering if anyone on the list will be presenting a paper in Boston
>at the SBL, ETS, or IBR meetings. If so, I think the list would be a great
>place to discuss the issue in your paper before the actual meeting.

yes. on greek pedagogy, monday afternoon, 2:30, same time as galia.
if anyone is actually interested, i'd suggest offlist discussion.
my daughter, sharon, is doing 'ironic technique in the book of esther, the
king and his advisors', but she's not on list.
randall buth
see below
Pedagogy and Pronunciation
Randall Buth
     Oral methods are widely recommended in beginning language acquisition
programs, even for readers. I have been developing a Greek program that
uses immersion techniques, audio-lingual dialogues and drills, and
annotated readings. Several points of interest arise from such an approach.
     A defensible pronunciation needs to be chosen and used. A
first-century approximation is not so difficult to reconstruct from the
sources: i=ei, eta, e=ai, o-mega=o-mikron, ou, u-psilon=oi [French u], plus
'soft' consonants. Is the academy ready for such an innovation? Pros and
cons will be cited along with the benefits for theological programs. @b
     Default ways of describing situations become a issue. Which vocabulary
is basic? How far do we want to go in Greek language acquisition? This
becomes something of a wake-up call for a teacher, who must be able to
fluently produce the language in class. at b
     (Lecture will be in English, with a summary in Greek [Koine].)@b
==============@b braxot at b randall buth

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