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>Moshe, you wrote:
>virgin ("virgo intacta").  As a point of interest, TWOT cites the
followings as
>holding that the cognates of bethulah do not mean virgo intacta in
Akkadian, Ugaritic,
>and Aramaic, but rather marriageable young woman - CAD, TDOT, Cyrus Gordon
JBR 21,

Father Brown in his 'Birth of the Messiah' deals with Gordon and shows that
he based his view on a partial fragment. 

>> >Then you must be able to point out a place where `almah
>> >refers to a woman who is not a
>> >virgin, or at least a woman who is married, and you must be
>> In Proverbs, the context is that the women, like a prostitute has relations
>> that are no longer observable.
>The writer is not talking about things that are unobservable, but about
things that
>are amazing (or befuddling) to observe - the way of a man with an `almah
being one of
>them - sounds like the infatuation of courtship to me.

Would you tell me what is so 'amazing' about a man with a prostitute?
Sounds prretty noramal to me. (BTW the word 'derech' is a euphimism for
sexual intercourse. So it is not talking about an infatuation.)

>>  the Messiah is given four or five other
>> >names in Isaiah, and more
>> >are given in Jeremiah and Ezekiel.  It's not gymnastics to
>> >recognize that fact and
>> >suggest that not all of them are given names (how would you
>> >explain it?).
>> Really? I would love to see the list. (I know only of ben Dovid, or notzer
>> Yishai.)
>I would include:
>pele' yo`ets
>'el gibbor
>'abi `ad
>sar shalom (9:6)
>Israel (49:3)

This are arguable.

>the Lord our Righteousness Jer 23:6

As is the city of Jerusalem.

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