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Chris M. M. Brady christian.brady at tulane.edu
Wed Nov 3 09:31:15 EST 1999

on 11/3/99 1:34 AM, Jonathan Bailey (jonathan.bailey at gmx.de) had this to

> Today I came to the net to download my mail. I had 22 new messages, some of
> which 
> had titles that were either to me or on threads that I was participating in
> (there were 
> several titled "typology"). ALL of them were swallowed by the god of this
> world before 
> finding haven in my inbox. Could you resend those messages to me that were
> lost? 
> Anything sent in the last 2 days titled "typology" would be appreciated. Or
> anything 
> else that was written as a response to one of my posts, for that matter.

Dear Jonathan,

This was my contribution.

C h r i s   M   M    B r a d y
Director * Jewish Studies * Tulane University
christian.brady at tulane.edu 

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