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What do you mean by legitimate? Certainly the only types that a believer in the 
plenary inspiration of the Old and New testaments can claim with absolute certainty 
on every forum to to be able to interpret dogmattically are those that have been 
interpreted for him by the New Testament. The others need not be thrown in the 
trash, though. If one is willing to accept that one can not interpret a type with absolute 
certainty, and is willing to act accordingly, then one can certainly make profitable use 
of the wealth of symbolism of the Old Testament for the feeding of the Flock. It is 
precisely this which ministers in our churches do not do enough of, in my opinion.

Jonathan Bailey
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Hochschule für Jüdische Studien
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>The only OT types that are legitimate types are ones that the New Testament
>declares as such, e.g., Jonah. If we go beyond this scope of interpretation,
>we take a liberty upon ourselves that is not supported by the scriptures.
>Perhaps this is a narrow view of "typology," but I believe it is the safest

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