Alma, Parthenos, Virgin

John Ronning ronning at
Mon Nov 1 13:17:18 EST 1999

Moshe, you wrote:

> >- like the correspondences between Abraham's sojourn in
> >Egypt and Israel's.  "You will find that whatever is written in Scripture
> about
> >Abraham is written also about his descendants" (Genesis Rabbah 40.6).
> Similar
> >observations are valid about vast areas of the OT, not just Genesis 12
> compared
> >to the exodus.
> John, I always find it interesting when people who are not fa,miliar with
> Rabbinic works, attempt to use them to make some point in favor of a pet
> theory. Obviously that passage is not meant seriously, since according to
> tradition Avraham was thrown into a furnace, and of  course we can mention
> many things that are different.

The Genesis Rabbah passage refers to the correspondances between Gen 12:10ff and
Israel's later exodus from Egypt, and I'm surprised anybody would think it's not to be
taken seriously - see Cassuto's Exodus commentary, for example.



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