bet in Prov. 8:2

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The WTS morphological database treats this form B."YT as the construct 
state of a masculine noun B.AYIT_2, found (always in this construct 
form) at 2KI 11:15, 2CH 23:14, JOB 8:17, PRO 8:2, EZK 41:9 - distinct 
from B.AYIT_1 which means "house". The form B."YN meaning "between" 
can also be considered as the construct form of a noun B.AYIN (the 
version of WTS I have is confused here, giving a lemma B.AYIN as if 
the surface form B."YN is its construct but giving it the grammar tag 
for preposition). And a noun can have a feminine form, so BDB is 
justified I suppose.

Interestingly, this feminine form clearly refers to a woman in three 
of its five occurences (2KI 11:15, 2CH 23:14, PRO 8:2), and so I 
wonder if it is in fact an adjective, agreeing in gender (though 
probably not consistently) with the person in between. This does not 
work in Job (but there the location is feminine), and the grammar in 
Ezekiel is ambiguous.

Peter Kirk

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Subject: bet in Prov. 8:2
Author:  whu at at internet
Date:    12/05/1999 17:47

Dear List,

Can someone please help me with the 'bet' in Prov. 8:2? BDB (p. 108) says 
it is the fem. form of the prep. 'ben'. But do prepositions also have 
grammatical genders? If yes, how do they function?

Wesley Hu

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