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Ben Crick wrote:


>  BeYT is the construct singular of BaYiT, a house, temple, dwelling-place;
>  or just a stopover place like a crossroads. Here in construct with
>  N:TiYBoWT, footpaths, it means a Crossroads, where there might be a refuge
>  for travellers, or at least somewhere to pitch a tent.


>   Prepositions do not have grammatical genders; but they can have pronominal
>  suffixes which may be masc, fem or common gender.
>  HTH
>  Ben


I started a response similar to yours until I looked farther in the
lexicons.  Both
BDB and Holladay give a lexical entry B."YT which is the feminine of
B.AYIN.  Wesley's
page 108 is correct for BDB (it's in the first column), and Holladay has
it on page
39, second column.  The BDB's only example is a somewhat questionable
case in Ezek
41:9b, but Holladay also lists cases in Job 8:17 and (Wesley's text)
Prov. 8:2.

Job 8:17 has an editor's note of B."YN, but there is no explanation
justifying this

Had the Proverbs passage been the construct form of B.AYIT, would we not
expect the
preposition B. to be prefixed to the word?

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