Beyond the Basics in Hebrew Grammar

MMoeller55 at MMoeller55 at
Wed May 12 22:39:54 EDT 1999

Hi.  The premier tome for 2nd year Hebrew and beyond is Bruce K. Waltke & M. 
O'Connor's An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Eisenbrauns, Winona 
Lake, Indiana, 1990).  It's probably the standard text at most Bible colleges 
and seminaries or graduate schools.  Wheaton Graduate School uses it as a 
main text for 2nd year Hebrew exegesis classes--at least it did when I was 
there in '91.  Beyond this volume, I would check with the various schools, 
like Dallas Theological, Trinity (which has an excellent used book section in 
their bookstore in Dearfield, IL--you may get lucky on some books you might 
be looking for; also, Chicago has probably the best theological used book 
store nationwide.  I would have to look up their name & address for you, if 
interested.).  Hope this helps--Shalom & Mosel tov!  Mike Moeller, Covenant 
House of Rockford--MMoeller55 at  Rom 15:13!

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