beyond the basics in Hebrew Grammar

Ray Clendenen rclende at
Wed May 12 08:23:06 EDT 1999

Ray Clendenen at BSSBNOTES
05/12/99 07:23 AM

You'll get many answers I'm sure, but here's my perspective, for what it's
worth. Having studied and taught Hebrew for many years, I have yet to see a
good second year teaching grammar. My recommendation would be to get _A
Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar_ by Chris van der Merwe et al (Sheffield)
and read through it. At the same time I recommend you work your way through
such biblical books as Jonah, Ruth, Deuteronomy, and Proverbs. Get Koehler
and Baumgartner's Hebrew Lexicon if possible (3 vols. in English) and a
parsing guide like Beall, Banks, & Smith to help when you're stumped. Also
get a good exegetical commentary or two to read along with the biblical
book you're working through. Hope that helps.

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