Jehu and Jezebel

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Mon May 10 14:41:34 EDT 1999

George Athas wrote:
> Gregory and Carol Yeager wrote:

> >
> > I think the "most dramatic confrontation" in the HB is that between
> > Pharoah and Moses and YHWH.  [...]
> What about Samuel's confrontation of Saul at Gilgal after the battle with Amaleq and Samuel's hacking of Agag to pieces before Yahweh? Now there's a scene that's thick with
> tension.

Yup.  Also, although this requires some speculation, the confrontation
with whoever old Amos was so upset about, and the prophet's proclamation
in the first chapters.."for three transgression of (your name here) and
for four...."

that had to be pretty dramatic itself!

Greg Yeager

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