Why Adonai?

yahua'sef gs02wmr at panther.Gsu.EDU
Mon May 10 10:04:17 EDT 1999

On Mon, 10 May 1999, yahua'sef wrote:
> Shalom Alaikhem!
> "Barukh ata Adonai...!"
> Such words have been said in prayer and passed along for years and years,
> but why was this chosen to substitute the ORIGINAL name in the beginning?
> As far as I have researched, this false name for the Creator (Adonai)
> really originated from the Phoencian word 'AdOn' which means 'Lord' but
> is also employed in Greek mythology as 'Adonis' which is supposedly a
> handsome young male, represented by the Male Phallus. Why would the
> Greeks allow this word introduced to them(Adon) to be converted into one
> of indecency and why did this word later become adopted into Hebrew
> language for replacing the name of 'YHWH' ??

oops forgot to sign my name.

Wondell M. Rachman


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