Volitive weyiqtol

Lee R. Martin lmartin at vol.com
Wed May 5 21:56:04 EDT 1999

These numbers do not make sense.
In looking at Alviero Niccacci's outline of volitives vs. non-volitives,
he listed weyiqtol as the volitive continuation of cohortative,
imperative, and jussive. I did a computer search, and the results are
interesting. Can someone confirm them.
Imperatives = 4288
weqatals = 1129
weyiqtol (2d person) = 69

I could not find a single volitive weyiqtol that continued an
imperative.  There were 2 or three that showed result (Ps.144:5,6).
However, there are hundreds of imperatives followed by imperatives.
Conclusion: The imperative is continued by the imperative.


Lee R. Martin
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