YHWH vs. Yahweh

yahua'sef gs02wmr at panther.Gsu.EDU
Mon May 3 12:50:15 EDT 1999

On Mon, 3 May 1999, Jim West wrote:
> In any event, my remarks are quite simple:  the reason that most folk dont
> buy the "Jehovah" pronunciation is the simple fact that it is based on a
> misunderstanding.  You are riding a dead horse, mr Joseph.

Well at least we agree on the 'Jehovah' issue. The latter is your opinion
and is of no consequence, thank God.

> oh- p.s.- yes, as anyone who has attended grad school knows, french and
> german are required languages along with the Biblical languages for anyone
> doing serious work in the field of Biblical studies.

Nonsense. France and Germany have nothing to do with the Holy Land, its
ancient languages, and the culture. One would be more wise to study
Canaanite, Phoenician, Indo-Hittite, Aramaic, Syretic, Arabic, Chaldean,
(Mesopotamian), Sumer, Akkad, Babylonia, Assyria,  etc.etc. culture and

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