YHWH vs. Yahweh

yahua'sef gs02wmr at panther.Gsu.EDU
Mon May 3 11:52:37 EDT 1999

On Mon, 3 May 1999, Jim West wrote:

> Le problème avec votre suggestion est qu'il y a d'évidence
> suffisante que le nom divin était “Yahweh” prononcé tandis que le
> seul conseil que c'était Jéhovah prononcé se repose sur un
> malentendu clair du système hébreu du vocalization.
> Vous montez un cheval mort.

Really? That's quite interesting, Pastor. I suppose another requisuite of
this schoalrly discussion of Hebrew which you forgot to mention
stipulates fluency or at least basic sentence structure in modern French. 
Am I correct, or is the good pastor being the annoying absent minded
professor I know him as? After all, you did condemn me to hell, sir. ;)


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