Against Minimalism

L.M. Barre barre at
Mon May 3 03:58:23 EDT 1999

Dear List,

To sum up my main arguments:

1) A flawed method based upon the notion of "dichotomous data."

2) The Impossible post-exilic origins of the HB due to an extensive period of time demanded by the compositional complexity of the HB with Ben Sira serving as the terminus ad quem.

3) The diversity of compositions and literary genres will not allow the HB to be reduced to a single genre ("fictive") or to a single author or restricted group.

4) Its ideological character according to which arrogant self-definition and self-preservation is paramount. (Cp. the American Albright school vis-a-vis German scholarship or Empiricism verses Idealism).

So enough of these polemics.  Thanks to those who participated.

Respectfully yours,

L. M. Barre, Ph.D.

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