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It's very similar to the address you used to join b-hebrew.  Simply send a message to
join-b-greek at franklin.oit.unc.edu

Wondell, your response wasn't exactly friendly.  I see the attempt at humor, but it's
hard to see grins on writer's faces over the internet!


Felipe Flores-Morelos wrote:

> You can maybe give me the adress to subscribe to b-greek. Thanks
> Felipe Flores-Morelos
> Av. Universidad 1330-Orly-1002.
> Col. del Carmen, Coyoacan,
>  Mexico, C.P. 04100, D.F.
>  Mexico.
> Tel-fax. 52-5-6597194
> ---
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> To subscribe, send an email to join-b-hebrew at franklin.oit.unc.edu.

On June 25:
  1580  Book of Concord, standards of Lutheran Church, 1st published
  1638  Lunar eclipse is 1st astronomical event recorded in US
  1876  Custer & 7th Cavalry wiped out by Sioux & Cheyenne at Little Big

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