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I will be away for a good bit of the summer so I will be temporarily off list and hope to return in the

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George Athas wrote:

> Fred P Miller wrote:
> > [...] The presence of Aramaic in portions of Ezra and Daniel should confirm the use of
> > Aramaic in Babylon before 400 BCE rather than being a proof for a late date for
> > Daniel.
> How so? Aramaic does continue for centuries after 400 BCE. Are there any particular apsects of the
> language you have in mind?
> While we're on the subject, wouldn't it seem logical that if the second half of Daniel is dated
> c.164 BCE, that the first few chapters were known before then (not necessarily as a uniform work,
> though)? There are numerous Daniel stories which are around by 164 BCE. In order to give the second
> half of the book some typical pseudonymous weight, it seems reasonable to suggest that "Daniel" had
> been known for quite some time as a familiar figure. Thus, the Daniel stories (even the
> "apocryphal" ones) probably had some currency before 164 BCE. Essentially, I'm basing this on the
> convention in pseudepigraphy to use a well known personality as the "author".
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