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A few days ago, Marcel De Meester wrote:

>(...) I 'm beginning to study the first book of the bible Genesis -
Can somebody tell me which books on genesis I have to read?
The language may be English, Dutch, German or French.
I prefer comments on Genesis based on the original hebrew text, but all
suggestions are welcome. Also Jewish commentaries are very welcome.
Please, if possible give a short description of the
qualities and the contents of the books. Also the ISBN number<

Hi Marcel !
I think that a very good basic book for Genesis is the commentary of Claus
Westermann, in three volumes. Besides a commentary based on the hebrew text,
you will find an introduction on primeval events, numerous excursus on
related subjects and an extensive bibliography.

First volume: Genesis 1-11; a commentary.  Published in 1984, Minneapolis :
Augsburg, ISBN 0-8066-1962-7 or London: SPCK , ISBN 0-281-04033-8
If you prefer the German original, it is Neukirchen-Vluyn : Neukirchener
Verlag, 1976 (2nd edition).

To the list :
Some of you already know about the 'Millenium Offer' of Brill Publishers.
Among their 316 titles in sale (for 316 years of existence), you will find :
A. Murtonen : Hebrew in its West Semitic Setting. Comparative Lexicon,
Phonetics and Phonology, Morphosyntactics.
4 volumes, between 145$ to 212$ each ( ! ) on sale for 45$ each.

Koehler and Baumgartner for 45$

Labuschagne, van Leeuwen, Mulder, Brongers and al. : Syntax and Meaning,
Studies in Hebrew Syntax and Biblical Exegesis for 25$ (reg. 78$)

Also titles on Ancient Judaism, Christian origins and Biblical Studies.

Best regards,
Camille Bessette
M.A. / Carmel de Lisieux / France

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