Daniel and Late Ezekiel?

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Tue Jun 22 20:40:11 EDT 1999

Ian Hutchesson wrote:

> [...] How about the geography of the Hellenistic world that includes Tarshish,
> Rhodes (Dedan), Cyprus (Kittim) -- all interesting for the little
> land-locked canton of Jerusalem --

What's to preclude the knowledge of some geography in Jerusalem? Prior to 587 BCE, Judah was
probably a little more than just a 'canton' - I think we can call it a small state. Regardless,
though, the knowledge of a wider geography as a reason for late dating is stretching it a bit. It
has to be on other grounds, like the political and economic overtones you also mentioned.

BTW - where is Tarshish??? I didn't know we had confirmed a location.

I remain unconvinced that Ezekiel is referring to the biblical Daniel - it seems a definite
reference to Dan'il to me. Your other points, though, are noted.

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