gematria and PS 92:5-6

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In a message dated 99-06-16 09:24:15 EDT, jwest at Highland.Net writes:
<< your supposition that the codes are legitimate and that gematria can
 really tell us something about the text is simply wrong.  Period.  There is
 truth and error- and you are on the side of error on this issue. >>

It appears to me, that JWest has offered absolutely ZERO evidence
toward disproving even the *first and smallest* of examples that I
am capable of bringing forth.

If JWest authoratively insists that the earth is flat--yet offers nothing 
other than his bold and presumed authority to substantiate his claim, 
are we to believe that the earth is flat, too?

It is believed that JWest's refutation should at least include 
actual data; it is also believed that JWest's refutation should 
at least include an explanation as to what the "secret things"
of the Lord are-- and who they are given to.

I am quite sure, that gematria is just one of the Lord's 
"great works" and "deep thoughts" (PS 92:5-6).

Not only does the burden of proof *against* the first gematria 
example I used remain to be JWest's, but his opinion on 
the matter gushed forth before hearing hardly any of the 

  13)  He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, 
         it is folly and shame unto him.

It appears that the Word criticizes it's toughest critics.

Since I have no intention of responding to this list any 
further, I will make my last comment exceptionally clear:

What pure folly it is ! To actually believe--that the supposed
complete knowledge of the self-appointed higher critics--is 
to be considered the sole prerequisite for understanding and 
interpreting that which was written down by farmers, fisherman, 
and tent-makers.


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