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George Athas wrote:

>  There are numerous Daniel stories which are around by 164 BCE. In order to give the second
> half of the book some typical pseudonymous weight, it seems reasonable to suggest that "Daniel" had
> been known for quite some time as a familiar figure. Thus, the Daniel stories (even the
> "apocryphal" ones) probably had some currency before 164 BCE. Essentially, I'm basing this on the
> convention in pseudepigraphy to use a well known personality as the "author".

Of course Daniel had been around for some time as a familiar figure. He
figures in the Ugaritic legend of Aqht as a righteous king, who is
probably to be identified with the Daniel of Ezekiel 14 Daniel, Job and
Noah in this cha[ter are none of them Israelite figures.

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