Hasmonean Bible (Jonathan)

Jonathan D. Safren yonsaf at beitberl.beitberl.ac.il
Tue Jun 22 01:30:31 EDT 1999

Ian Hutchesson wrote:
> Dear Jonathan,
> Yes, all of these are indicators, though the Greek musical instruments have
> been attacked by more conservative commentators because it is just possible
> that there were such instruments in the Persian court and perhaps even
> earlier. It's a long shot, but at a stretch it is possible.
> My favourite indicator beside the ones that you have mentioned is the four
> visions in the later part of Daniel that all refer to the same sequence of
> events culminating in the activities of Antiochus IV, yet the fourth
> vision, which attempts more specific prophecy goes wrong regarding the end
> of Antiochus IV's reign, placing the document just before the end of that
> reign.
> Ian
> anklin.oit.unc.edu.

That one is the clincher, of course, and I forgot all about it.
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