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Fred P Miller fmoeller at ao.net
Mon Jun 21 09:18:05 EDT 1999

Jonathan D. Safren wrote:

> I haven't been following the argument, but isn't the argument for the late
> dating of Daniel based, inter alia, on the use of Aramaic, the use of Greek
> words (sumponia, psalterion, etc.), the inaccuracies in the Judaean and
> Persian chronology in the text?
> Sincerely,
> Jonathan D. Safren

Yes it is true that arguments for a late date for Daniel are based on internal
evidence only.  The material in Daniel 11 especially and the 2300 day prophecy of
chapter 8 is too detailed to be anything other than the truth or a clever literary
device (a fraud) written after the facts.  There is plenty of HISTORICAL reference
evidence to date Daniel earlier than the Macabbean period but no empirical evidence,
nor quotations of the book of Daniel in literature that can be dated before Antiochus
Epiphanes, about 165 BCE, which is the critical date.  The only historical references
to the book or to the LXX which without doubt contained the translation of Daniel are
ignored.  The only reason for ignoring them is the internal content of the book which
is indeed miraculous if an early date is confirmed.

The presence of Aramaic in portions of Ezra and Daniel should confirm the use of
Aramaic in Babylon before 400 BCE rather than being a proof for a late date for

Fred P Miller

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