eloi or alah.

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yahua'sef wrote:

> I don't think this is all that accurate. Sunni Muslims actually *do*
> insist that "Allah"(alif, laam, laam, he) is in fact the conjugation of
> the definite article 'AL'(alif Lam) and "ilah"(alif lam he), and
> that "ilah" is the cognate word for "Eloh" in Hebrew. After the
> contraction, it no longer means "the god," but simply "God."

While it may be more accurate to say that not all Muslim scholars agree upon the derivation
of "Allah," the following comments of Maulana Muhammad Ali are typical.  The first is from
his book, "The Religion of Islam," (first published in 1936), page 118:

"Allah is the proper or personal name of the Divine Being...The word Alllah  being a proper
name is "jamid," that is to say, it is not derived from any other word.  Nor has it any
connection with the word "ilah" (god or object of worship).  It is sometimes said that Allah
is a contracted form of al-ilah, but that is a mistake....The Arabs had numerous other ilahs
or gods but none of them was ever called Allah, while a Supreme Being called Allah was
recognized above them as the Creator of the universe."

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