Hasmonean Bible (Jonathan)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Mon Jun 21 07:32:03 EDT 1999

At 13.45 21/06/99 +0300, Jonathan D. Safren wrote:
>I haven't been following the argument, but isn't the argument for the late
>dating of Daniel based, inter alia, on the use of Aramaic, the use of Greek
>words (sumponia, psalterion, etc.), the inaccuracies in the Judaean and
>Persian chronology in the text?

Dear Jonathan,

Yes, all of these are indicators, though the Greek musical instruments have
been attacked by more conservative commentators because it is just possible
that there were such instruments in the Persian court and perhaps even
earlier. It's a long shot, but at a stretch it is possible.

My favourite indicator beside the ones that you have mentioned is the four
visions in the later part of Daniel that all refer to the same sequence of
events culminating in the activities of Antiochus IV, yet the fourth
vision, which attempts more specific prophecy goes wrong regarding the end
of Antiochus IV's reign, placing the document just before the end of that


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