Eli Eli Lama Azavtany or Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani?

yahua'sef gs02wmr at panther.Gsu.EDU
Sat Jun 19 10:36:30 EDT 1999

On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Fred P Miller wrote:
> Eli (my God) but his petition was to Eloi (Aramaic for my God) (Mark gives the
> unhelenized proper pronunciation of what the Galilean Rabbi said in Mk 15:34) and he


I know this is an old message but I just now noticed something that I
think merits attention(please correct me if I am in err).

The Aramaic word for God is NOT "Eloi," but is in fact "Alaha." Correct?
Kind of similar to what the Hawaiins say "Aloha," and very similar to the
Arabic word for God - 'Allah.' Is it possible you were speaking of the
Greek Hellenized version of "Alaha" which gave us "'Eloi," because it
doesn't seem to be Biblical Aramaic at all.


Wondell M. Rachman

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