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<< As far as I know, the most recent study of any size dealing with 
 Hebrew verbless clauses is still F. Andersen's "Hebrew Verbless 
 Clause in the Pentateuch," which aside from being over 20 years 
 old is also out of print (I do have a copy, however).  Has anything 
 more recent been published on this subject (preferrably in English; 
 German takes me forever to fumble through)?
 Dave Washburn >>

Dear Dave:

The collection of essays in The Verbless Clause in Biblical Hebrew: 
Linguistic Approaches, ed. Cynthia Miller (LInguistic Studies in Ancient West 
Semitic 1; Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns, 1999), are excellent, and 
should be consulted for any study dealing with the Hebrew verbless clause.

Greg Stafford

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