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On Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:56:11 -0700 "Dave Washburn" <dwashbur at>
>As far as I know, the most recent study of any size dealing with 
>Hebrew verbless clauses is still F. Andersen's "Hebrew Verbless 
>Clause in the Pentateuch," which aside from being over 20 years 
>old is also out of print (I do have a copy, however).  Has anything 
>more recent been published on this subject (preferrably in English; 
>German takes me forever to fumble through)?

Do you get Eisenbrauns' Scholar's Source?  One of their more recent items
I've had a chance to read is a newly published collection, "The Verbless
Clause in Biblical Hebrew:  Linguistic Approaches," edited by Cynthia L.
Miller.  It's the first in a new series called "Linguistic Studies in
Ancient West Semitic," and most of the material comes from SBL
presentations.  You should find plenty of familiar names in it, including
Randall Buth, Vincent DeCaen, and Alviero Niccacci.  And yes, all the
essays are in English.

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