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>Dear Colleagues,
>The following request does not come under Hebrew, but (1) I thought one
>of you might know the answer (if not, I'll try to find an Augustine
>list), and (2) I thought that some of you might find it interesting
>since it does apply to interpreting scripture.
>Mortimer Adler, in _Truth in Religion_, states that Augustine held the
>following position on interpreting Scripture, but Adler does not give a
>"His first precept was: Hold to the truth of Scripture without
>wavering....His second precept followed: Since Sacred Scriptures can be
>interpreted in a multiplicity of senses, one should adhere to a
>particular version only in such measure as to be ready to abandon it if
>it should prove to be false...." (p. 29)

See Augustine's "Soliloquies".  You can read these online at:

failing that- you can do a search at:

type in something like - augustine bible 
or some such and you should find what you seek.


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