Proverbs 25 and "secret things".

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> Subject: Re: Proverbs 25 and "secret things".
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> Gematria is not the same thing as the "Bible Codes", it has an
> altogether better "sound" and this hood may be worth looking under -
> especially when applied to words and short phrases rather than long
> passages. So please share with us your insights on this.  Do you
> have evidence for gematria being used in the composition of the
> Hebrew Bible, rather than just in its later interpretation?

Unfortunately, the developed system of unit, tens. and hundreds values
assigned to the Hebrew/Aramaic alphabet (Aleph-Tet 1-9, Yod-Tsade
10-90, Qoph-Taw 100-400), didn't exist until the Hellenistic period...

Also, many of the ages of the patriarchs, etc. differ between the
Hebrew version and the Septuagint, for what that's worth...

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