abraham and jacob

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How do I get the secret decoder ring?  You know the one that has the ground
rules to apply to the whole-- or do we just make it say what we want it to
by playing with it until it "feels good". It is hard enough to work with
established rules let alone fly by the seat of our pants. Find the Rosetta
stone of codes and just maybe we'll get somewhere.

For now I guess I just stick to sweating out intended meaning in the texts.
Until I understand and apply the clear and plain I have no time for this
form of interjection and perpetual frustration.

Grace to you,
Mark Markham

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> At 01:24 PM 6/16/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >Age of Abraham at death: 175= 5x5  x7
> >Age of Issac at death:       180= 6x6  x5
> >Age of Jacob at death:      147= 7x7  x3
> >Yrs Jacob was called Israel: 64=  8x8  x1
> >
> >Note the nifty sequences, up and down the columns, 1-3-5-7 and
> >5-6-7-8.  Note also that the factors of each number, (5+5+7),
> >(6+6+5), (7+7+3), and (8+8+1) in each case add up to 17.
> I don't get it.  What's the point of this?  What does it tell us about
> Abraham or Isaac or Jacob?   175 is also 1x175, or, in other words, there
> are numerous possible numerical combinations which add up to 175 (and the
> same goes for the other numbers listed above).  I just dont see how this
> meaningful in interepreting the Hebrew Bible.
> Best,
> Jim
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