Proverbs 25 and "secret things".

Will Wagers hyle at
Wed Jun 16 14:44:23 EDT 1999

Hello Armando,

>Jim West seems to be a person that has strong ideas and issues strong
>statements. He is, nevertheless a good contributor to this list and his
>opinions are important to the development of several threads. He offends
>nobody even with his way of saying things.

Actually, he is offensive to some, and not only on this list. He may have
some knowledge of the Bible, but he only uses it to further his personal
agenda--a very un-Christian and un-scholarly thing to do.  It is telling
that West takes "elitest" as a compliment.

>This said ... I don't think we should tolerate much more time the fact that
>some list member call a "jackass" to another list member. I we tolerate this
>much more then one day the word will be something worse than this.

I agree that the "jackass" comment--however appropriate it might
otherwise be--is over the line. However, did no one else notice that West

"Finally, all such efforts to find some hidden meaning in the text are merely
gnostic attempts to glean heavenly secrets from mundane facts.  Did you know
that your efforts were gnostic?  Well they are."

For those of you who are paying attention, "gnostic" is intended as a
definite insult. And, if I am not mistaken, this occurred before the "jackass"

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