Secret Codes(2)

Will Wagers hyle at
Wed Jun 16 14:28:45 EDT 1999

Thanks, Mark. There is quite a lot of information at the site.

However, I notice right off the bat that the web site says:

"A brief summary of the codes claims is that the Hebrew text of the Bible
(especially of the Torah, the first five books) contain intentional
coincidences of
words or phrases that appear as letters with equal spacing."

There is no such claim in the original papers. I agree that the popularizers
and interpreters do need debunking, but the original authors do not fall into
this category.

Further, the site is clearly and admittedly partisan--not a good thing when
evaluating scientific papers. If the papers fail on their scientific
merits, fine--
that's the way Science works. But,  Science should neither be created nor
destroyed by the mob, nor by its academic representatives. For example, the
site has a declaration signed by some 50 scientists against the paper. Science
doesn't work by popular vote. If the original authors made errors, they must be
found and corrected. Nothing else will satisfy me.

Will Wagers hyle at "Reality is the best metaphor."

>Dear Will,
>Using the exact same method the links that I sent earlier use English texts
>to show just how easy it is to use the code system to "prove" anything.
>Here is another fact. The same code method on the same texts that produce
>"positive" statements about God also have been used to find "anti-God"
>statements. See for yourself:
>Also look at this page:
>As sensational as the codes seem to be true stats show you that they can be
>very misleading and biased.
>Think it over and look at the sites above and see if they don't shed light
>on your understanding.

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