Proverbs 25 and "secret things".

Tony Starks data7201 at
Wed Jun 16 15:25:46 EDT 1999

 Peter Kirk stated:
May I suggest that you would do better to ignore postings 
which you consider beneath your academic level, or else to leave this 
list and join instead another one which is restricted to genuine 

Although i don't agree with the language used by Jim West in his last 
post,i believe he is a great help to many "baby b-hebrew's like myself.
He answered my post when many did not or could not.I know, maybe in the 
future i may post something that may be ridiculous to some, please be 
patient and kind in your replies. Thanks again Jim for your time and 
talent.Also i believe he is not the last word on any matter as well.
                       Tony :-)

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