Proverbs 25 and "secret things".

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Wed Jun 16 13:26:05 EDT 1999

Shalom Alaikhem,

On Wed, 16 Jun 1999, "Armando Cottim (DSI)" <armando.cottim at> "'b-hebrew at'" wrote:
> Jim West seems to be a person that has strong ideas and issues strong
> statements. He is, nevertheless a good contributor to this list and his
> opinions are important to the development of several threads. He offends
> nobody even with his way of saying things.

Senior Armando - I think you know not of the extent. Have you personally
asked everyone? Have you been the one receiving 10+ emails telling you
"good job, keep it at. He deserves it for the way he treats people on the
lists." Obviously not. Mr. West seems to think he is the sole, arbitrary
judge of what is intelligent and what is "absurd." He seems to think God
speaks through him as he spoke through Balaam. I offer this to you sir: no
one on this list or on this planet for the matter, is a prophet, a
Messiah, or higher than than whom God has ordained as Holy. For the
record, I am willing to hear everyone's opinions; I only shut my ears to 
those who speak with contempt and without concern for common rules of
respect and etiquette.

Bottom line to you sir, you can disagree with anyone you wish. You can
personally think another person's ideology is the most backwards form of
thought on the world. Fine. All I ask is that people here have the common
courtesy to respond gently and with constructive language to other users
on the list. No one deserves to be belittled simply because they are
novice or because the questions asked appear simplistic on the surface.
Can you name me one person who enjoys being told that they are a dullard,
or that their belief system is tripe, or that they themselves are pitiful
human beings? How helpful is that for the student?

Notice how I always thank everyone who responds to my questions, because I
really do appreciate them. WHen have I ever been 'confrontational' sir? I
think you are mistaken in that regard. If someone disagrees with me, or
points out that am I incorrect in some form or fashion - I am quick to
thank them because I grow from that, and know the next time I am a little
wiser. I actually WELCOME people to disagree with me so I know that
I have faults. There is, however, no end result and no value in hearing
your personal character being mocked and your ideas being ridiculed.

Shalom to you.

Wondell M. Rachman

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