Proverbs 25 and "secret things".

Armando Cottim (DSI) armando.cottim at
Wed Jun 16 10:56:44 EDT 1999


After sending my previous mail [see: Codes: Assumed Secret (Hidden)] I
received the message below as any other list member did.

Allow me to tell what I think about it. 

Unfortunately this is not the first time two list members get involved in a
discussion that goes departs from the acceptable. This time we have a replay
of a former discussion between these two list members. 

I can accept different points of view. I can accept a discussion. I cannot
accept the way things ate turning.

During the former discussion between Jim West and Wondell Rachman I
contacted both of them and tried to calm things. The answers both sent me
were quite different and this time I will take the matter to everybody.

Jim West seems to be a person that has strong ideas and issues strong
statements. He is, nevertheless a good contributor to this list and his
opinions are important to the development of several threads. He offends
nobody even with his way of saying things.

Wondell Rachman states that he wants to learn and ask several questions.
Some of them are intelligent questions, other seem to be assertions and not
questions. There is nothing wrong with having opinions but ... when we ask
... shouldn't we expect the answers to come? Wondell seems to be a young
person that believes he has a good knowledge of life and all relating
matters. There is nothing wrong in believing we have all the answers (we
were all like that when we were teenagers) but this is a list where we
should expect others to enlighten and re-dimension our opinions. This
doesn't seem the case with Wondell. My personal judgement of his
participation is that he is constantly looking for confrontation with those
people he probably would have no courage of confronting personally.

This said ... I don't think we should tolerate much more time the fact that
some list member call a "jackass" to another list member. I we tolerate this
much more then one day the word will be something worse than this. 

I'll repeat what I said earlier (in private). Wondell: If you feel offended
with Jim's way of speaking, let him know politely. And learn to forgive and

If you decide - again - not to consider my request and arrogantly mistreat
another list member (like you did now) I will personally contact the list
owner and request that you be expelled from the list. I will not stand this
type of treatment. This is not a list for ill-mannered people.

Thank you for your time
God bless

Armando A. Cottim
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	At 10:30 AM 6/16/99 -0400, you wrote:

	>What a jackass.

	May I remind you that God spoke through Balaam's ass.... so you
might want
	to listen.

	>Could it hurt you to be a little polite when responding?

	Not at all.  I was polite and did not say everything I was thinking-
just as
	I am refraining from saying everything that I am thinking now.  But
	We have disagreed before and you have demonstrated your own
proclivities to
	accept rather bizarre notions (based, I take it, on your own lack of
	familiarity with the issues at hand).

	> If you only wish
	>to discuss issues with people that are in your intellectual
	>then kindly refrain from responding to the 'dullards' on the list,
	>then you may resume talking to yourself in the mirror. 

	But a question was asked- by you if I recall it, regarding the view
	others on list about the Bible "codes".  If you did not want
responses why
	did you ask the question?  Or were you only seeking answers that
	your own position?  I am not quite clear why you asked if you
already have
	made up your mind.

	>I hate to get thrown back into this, but this kind of intolerant
	>is disgusting for a student and learner.

	Intolerant?  Perhaps.  But only of ideas that really are patently
absurd and
	that waste time.  As a list participant I read every post- no matter
who it
	is from- just in case someone is actually interested in an answer.
	posts, however, are so assinine that only an answer in kind will get
	attention of the poster.


	hmmm.... I wonder what you can mean by this.

	>Wondell M. Rachman

	Thanks for at least using a real name (I suppose it is- I am not
sure of
	your name or your qualifications to comment.)


	Jim West, ThD
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