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Fred P Miller fmoeller at ao.net
Wed Jun 16 10:55:01 EDT 1999

Oh I should not get in a controversy.  But equating rejection of secret codes with
"stodgy olde" PHD's defending their commentaries is more than I can take in.  Also who

is Tsadowq?  I had supposed people writing to the list especially with such a long
tome and so self confidently would have an identity.

But to get on with it,  I am not a "scholar" but  a student who finds better aims for
my time in trying to understand the mind of the Bible writers through grammar and
contextual concepts.  When most of us, "scholar" and student alike, have not mastered
the actual meaning of all difficult texts I find little use for schemes that treat the

greatest collection of literature in the Western Word like a magic "Nostradamian" code

book.  Let me assure you that I am a believer in the inspiration of the recorders of
the written record of the Jews and early Christians and that Jesus of Nazareth is to
me the expression of  the Triune Godhead.  Having said this I am put off by the idea
that rejecting literary games with numbers is somehow lining me up with the
unbelievers.  Why did the writer, whoever he is, need to use numbers to show that The
Nazarene is understood by the Gospel writers to fulfill the figure of Moses raising
the serpent on a stake by Himself being crucified in Jerusalem for the healing of the
sins of the nations.  You do not need numbers to read what the text says and arrive at

what is commonly understood facts of Christian beliefs. Perhaps the numbers people
have difficulty with grammar and context and find the elitism of "codism" a good place

to hide their difficulty with being able to read.
Fred P Miller
For Bible Study Majoring in Isaiah

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