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Wed Jun 16 03:30:36 EDT 1999

Dear Will,

Using the exact same method the links that I sent earlier use English texts
to show just how easy it is to use the code system to "prove" anything.

Here is another fact. The same code method on the same texts that produce
"positive" statements about God also have been used to find "anti-God"
statements. See for yourself:

Also look at this page:

As sensational as the codes seem to be true stats show you that they can be
very misleading and biased.

Think it over and look at the sites above and see if they don't shed light
on your understanding.

Grace to you,

Mark Markham
Heidelberg, Germany
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> Jim West writes:
> >it is pure rubbish- only believed by the unwashed herds of ignorant
> >now populating the planet.
> I am rather surprised at the level of ignorant cynicism expressed by the
> majority of responders on Secret Codes. I can only suppose that they have
> been exposed to the theological and sensational variety of  decoders,
> rather than the real, scientific issue involved--i.e., what is the cause
> of the statistically-significant codes?
> The statements by others that a) any English or Greek text would provide
> same results; and b) they occur by chance--are false.
> If we should learn anything from the Internet, surely it is to be
> and respectful when we wander outside our own areas of expertise,
> when our own area is something nonrigorous--like theology.
> Will Wagers hyle at "Reality is the best metaphor."
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