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Dear Will,

I don't wish to support Jim West's prejudiced views. But I think you 
also need to be "tentative and respectful" rather than asserting that 
others' statements "are false", and that they are wandering outside 
their areas of expertise when you don't know what those areas of 
expertise are.

Please can you submit examples of supposedly 
"statistically-significant codes" so that I and others on the list 
with suitable training can examine whether they really are 
statistically significant.

Peter Kirk
MA in Physics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge (in 
addition to qualifications in theology)

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Subject: Re: Secret Codes
Author:  hyle at at internet
Date:    15/06/1999 06:33

Jim West writes:

>it is pure rubbish- only believed by the unwashed herds of ignorant dullards 
>now populating the planet.

I am rather surprised at the level of ignorant cynicism expressed by the 
majority of responders on Secret Codes. I can only suppose that they have 
been exposed to the theological and sensational variety of  decoders, 
rather than the real, scientific issue involved--i.e., what is the cause 
of the statistically-significant codes?

The statements by others that a) any English or Greek text would provide the 
same results; and b) they occur by chance--are false.

If we should learn anything from the Internet, surely it is to be tentative 
and respectful when we wander outside our own areas of expertise, especially 
when our own area is something nonrigorous--like theology.

Will Wagers     hyle at     "Reality is the best metaphor."

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