Eli Eli Lama Azbatany or Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani?

John Ronning ronning at ilink.nis.za
Tue Jun 15 14:45:25 EDT 1999

yahua'sef wrote:

> . . .
> Why in the world would Ishua say "why hast thou forsaken me ANYWAY?"!!!!!
> he would already know the answer to such a question, supposedly according
> to Christian mythology.

1. Because the opening words of Psalm 22 were an apt description of his present
experience, being made a curse & a sin offering for his people (note in Isaiah 53 the
same verbs used elsewhere in the OT for God's defeat of the cursed serpent-dragon are
used to describe what God is pleased to do to his suffering yet righteous servant -
Isa 51:9 God pierced the dragon, Isa 53:5 the servant was pierced for our iniquities
[xll in both cases; Ps 89:10/11 God crushed Rahab, Isa 53:5 & 10 the Lord was pleased
to crush his servant - verb dk']).

2. To draw the attention of the observers to Psalm 22, which also describes several
other things being fulfilled before their very eyes (the taunting "he trusted in God,
etc.", the piercing of his hands and feet, the division of his garments, people
staring at his bones, etc.).


John Ronning

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