Collation of BHS and Koren Texts

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>2. Collation of BHS and Koren Texts

>Subject: Collation of BHS and Koren Texts
>From: "Ronald H. Stewart, Sr." <cpaman4 at>
>Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 0:0:13
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>I recently purchased "BibleCodes Plus 99" from Computronics.  They use as
>their Hebrew Text the "Koren Text" and not the "BHS Text" according to
>their manual.  In the manual it mentions over a hundred differences
>between their text and the "BHS" text just in the Torah.
>Would anyone on this list know where to obtain a collation giving all
>the differences between these texts for the whole Tanakh?
>If this is not beneficial to the list please feel free to Email me off
>the list.
>Thank you,
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