Secret Codes

George Athas gathas at
Mon Jun 14 20:02:39 EDT 1999

In answer to Wondell's question:  A friend of mine showed me the work on the codes and I must say I
was incredibly disappointed!! Most of the "codes" are just gibberish, grammatically incoherent,
vague, open to multiple interpretation, etc. The reason it is so deceptively striking is that
archaic Hebrew has no vowels. Without this restriction, you can apply any vowel after a consonant
to get whatever you want it to say. If you tried this with an English text, say the works of
Shakespeare, you wouldn't get nearly as much "hidden code" as you do with Hebrew because English
has vowels. Similarly, if you took the Iliad, you wouldn't get as much "code" either because Greek
has vowels. The lack of vowels in Hebrew facilitates the discovery of "codes".

In short - the codes are really just a random geometric phenomenon which works because Hebrew has
no vowels. There are no deliberately hidden messages at all! Pay them no credence.

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