Biblical Hebrew Syntax Help

yochanan bitan ButhFam at
Mon Jun 14 17:30:13 EDT 1999

> read the Hebrew Bible ...
> Then, and only after you have
> done a few months of reading in the Hebrew text, get Weingreen's grammar
> work through it.  He discusses syntax in a very comprehensive manner.

but weingreen also has untold numbers of incorrect Biblical Hebrew
sentences with suffix verb followed by subject, while most on this list are
aware that biblical narrative would put the noun phrase first, before a
suffix verb. not the way to drill a beginning student, just the kind of
'grammar' to avoid. weingreen also tends to imply an "inductive" theory of
the thematic verb, while hebrew itself specifically developed two different
thematic verbs (vayyiqtol and veqatal) because 'induction' was not part of
their system. 

so yes, read the hebrew bible, over and over. [and get better help than

randall buth

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