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Mon Jun 14 01:01:56 EDT 1999

Moshe Shulman wrote:
> At 12:07 AM 6/14/99 -0400, yahua'sef wrote:
> >Shalom Alaikhim
> >I would like to know what do list members think about the so-called Secret
> >Codes in the Hebrew text of the Bible. Is there any validity to these
> >claims that certain letters match up in numerical patterns to spell out
> >prophecies, names of events, and the name of the Jewish Messiah?
> No much.

"Bible Codes" are getting a lot of press lately, hence the question is
a valid one and deserves more of a response.  Aside from scribal
mnemonic devices, alliteration, alphabetical versing and acrostics,
all of which are interesting, one can take a copy of the Iliad and
come up with the same patterns of "Bible Codes" that predict the
brand of toothpaste Hitler used.



taybutheh d'maran yeshua masheecha am kulkon

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