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If as I suppose to be true, Abraham and his ancestors were idolators before he was
called by  El ha-Elohiym then why is a surprise to anyone that there will be common
origins for words in kindred "pagan" languages and the "lashon ha-qodesh."  I would
exxpect that there would be common origins for words describing concepts that are
shared by humanity whether in the "beth ha-amunah" or atheistic or pagan.  If the word
MLK (king) is found to be related to the word for the pagan God Malcham (meaning their
king) does it mean that the hebrews wanted their king to be a pagan god?  Common words
in related languages mean they have a common origin, and probably nothing more unless
you want it to be .

Fred P Miller

yahua'sef wrote:

> Shalom Alaikhem!
> It has been revealed to me from various sources that Aleph Lamech(EL) as
> found in GENESIS(Bereshit) and EXODUS is, according to Babylonian and
> Chaldee mythology, a popular pagan idol in the early history of the
> people. This oagan idol is supposed to be associated with incest, lust,
> immorality and treachery.
> Is EL a purely original Hebrew word and if it is indeed from Babylonian
> paganism and etymology, why did Judaism adopt it into the Tanakh?
> Shalom!
> Wondell M. Rachman
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